I consume copious amounts of chocolate. Dark and the very dark kind. Not just on Valentines day, but everyday.  I wish I was a journalist, a chocolate one. I could travel to conferences, sample and write about it. My friend and I,( a fellow chocoholic) often talk about our chocolate shop. We imagine a quaint little store front, with chocolate from around the world, bean to bar and small batch. When we meet, we discuss new chocolate, sample with joy, have tea, talk about our children and sample some more. Often we text photos of smooth, new arrivals at our local shops and bring each other a bar. On more than one occasion, chocolate has saved us!

Love Ritual Chocolate. Made in Park City, Utah, they are dedicated to producing small batches of bean to bar chocolate that have complex notes and smooth flavors. I have tasted two so far, I cannot wait to lay my hands on more. My chocolate friend and I shared it over cups of black cherry tea. It was subtle and gentle.


My new favorite from Jersey City, NJ. Elements Truffles creates incredible chocolate made of ayurveda inspired blends that are superbly smooth. They melt gently into your palate, leaving you feeling blissfully content. This chocolate is so silky, it feels like a warm bath with rose petals that could wrap you in its arms. My favorite thus far is the Raspberry infused with beet. FYI… you do not taste the beet. There are many to sample, my favorite could change at any given time.


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