Not Forgotten. Loved Always.


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With the words Expecto Patronum, a silver doe appeared. An enduring love we did not expect. We read, then watched, as only he could portray the man who uttered that most feared killing curse, Avada Kedavra. In utter disbelief I … Continue reading

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My Obsession With All Things Potter…

Happy New Year to all my blogging mates! I am back in the world of blogging and there are many new posts brewing,  ahem! of the Colin Firth variety and er.. books of course. In the mean time I wanted to share some photos from another of my British obsessions; Harry Potter. I was in Orlando this past Christmas and as much as I would like to experience  J.K Rowling’s brilliant imagination come to life in the UK, I was happy to settle for Florida. Tell me what you think…