The Best Things in Life…

Lately I have been uninspired. I have blogged in fits and starts, I have many book reviews pending, yet I can’t seem to get a coherent line in. Except for posts about Colin Firth – I would be worried if my letters to him didn’t come naturally,- nothing else flows. I read a magazine today which asked each writer what they thought were the best things in their lives and it got me thinking… what would be the best things in my life? here they are:

1. My family, best friend and close girl friends.

2.Sunrise in Florence, Italy.

3. B&W photography, shoes and comfortable pajamas

4. My books – I can’t do without them

5. Chocolate; warm, smooth and velvety to drink and very dark with hints of vanilla and orange to eat.

6. Breakfast in bed, with my girls

7. Laughter, meditation and yoga – I know it seems like three things but I laugh with my best friend every morning, that’s how I start off my day. I laugh continuously after that, um, no, I am not quite mad, the other two follow – I am Meditating Mummy after all.

8. The smell in the air after it has rained

9.Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and George Bernard Shaw for their perfect contributions to literature.

10. Stamps on my passport

Tell me about the best things in your life…