Colin Firth’s White Shirt

Dear Colin,

It occurred to me as I was watching Pride and Prejudice, for what may be the millionth time, well, I exaggerate there, it could be more – that you have in all kindness allowed us to enjoy your white shirt in many roles and many different films. It has, for all intents and purposes followed you throughout your career, as part and parcel of your smart attire. It is worth a mention that in both Bridget Jones  and The Edge of Reason, said white shirt was worn under a well cut suit, clearly made to order and intentionally perfect. Ah, well, there was never any doubt as to how perfect you are. You couldn’t very well have worn a frilly shirt, even though your last name was Darcy.  That would have been slightly odd. In the King’s Speech it was classic, well buttoned, perfectly starched and very elegant. Very regal of course. In Then She Found Me, it was sort of rumpled, still perfect, um, I do like a well ironed, nice white shirt myself, but if the role called for it, rumpled and clean was pretty fantastic. Oh, er, I did not like the shirt you wore as Bill Haydon on Tinker, Taylor Soldier Spy. I am aware of the era, but I do not find a cream or off white shirt, attractive. Then again, the color used in the film, may have made it look dull and grey. We know you are not dull, just your shirt. Oh and in A Single Man, those shirts fit you like a glove. Not that it matters how well your shirts fit you, they do a very good job of fitting you in fact. I must confess that the blue pinstriped suit you wore on Bridget Jones Diary was quite lovely and I do think that all your shirts evolve perfectly, as and when you need them.  I don’t mind one bit when you decide to go casual in slate or navy, In fact you should wear them as often as possible.Pinstripes on Bridget Jones diary

Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice460_1212761c

While many say their favorite scene in Pride and Prejudice is the wet shirt from the pond, I’d like to say, at the risk of spoiling it for all, that I am jolly glad you did not dive into that horrid, muddy water risking some sort of illness. I do hope the stuntman didn’t fall ill either. It was so long ago, you probably don’t remember. Just so you know, we do. I never bothered to pay attention to all the times you were simply attired, er, extremely untrue, for I pay close attention to you in all forms of attire. Yet, suddenly, I found myself sitting up to watch as you practiced fencing in that one particular scene. It was the same white shirt. I’m sure it was new of course, for it looked crisp, clean and quite thin, even though you seemed to be engaged in a vigorous amount of exercise. Did you have to take fencing lessons for that? What about the shirt? how many times did you have to change it?

Colin Firth fencing


On a side note, I hope we are able to see Arthur Newman released in all cinemas as it is sometimes a frustrating game to search for a cinema that carries the non- blockbuster, smart comedies. I look forward to counting the many times you wear um, a white shirt, casual or otherwise.

7 thoughts on “Colin Firth’s White Shirt

  1. Hehehehe …omg, I KNEW you were infatuated enamored with Colin’s white shirt…but oh my! So I will let you know that when Colin was whispering in my ear that one night, he was asking what white shirt photo to send you *smiles* … he said to send you the following:


    • Don’t you love the white shirt? I really wanted to do a light and fun post and the white shirt became the perfect subject. I had some bad news about a very old friend I had lost touch with. We had moved on with different lives but we were once girls and had a lot of fun in school. She passed away yesterday.
      Omg!!! That photo is so yummy! Thank youuuu! You made my night 🙂


      • Ohh. I am sooo sorry about your friend. I know tis a sad thing Even if you had lost touch…does not mean you were not still friends..or that you grieve. I am truely sorry. *sends a gentle cyber hug*


  2. Firstly my condolences for your girlfriend, and like Katie a cyber hug from across the seas to you my darling. xxxxx Secondly the photo that the Irish chick 😉 posted the link to (or is that the other way around) anywho – that was simply scrumptious how handsome is our lovely Colin looking in that!?? I LOVE white shirts on any man – ok probably not obese over hairy men, but your average guy..hell I’m ranting..what I’m trying to say is. I know Colin will read this and I am sure he will be flattered by your intentions/attention to his physique and to his apparel. Brilliant post luvey and please stay strong xxxxx


  3. MM, I adore this post! I love how you linked all the white shirts Colin Firth has worn over the years and turned it into an homage to his greatness. Oh, how I love that man. You’ve inspired me to want to watch P&P right now while my daughter’s home (she loves him, too!). Thanks!


    • Monica, did you watch it again with your daughter? I can watch it a million times over. How I love the many uses of his white shirt… I don’t know why I didn’t take note of the fencing scene before.


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