Colin Firth’s newest role..

Dear Colin,

How are you? I apologize for a general lack of communication. This is not just a perfunctory hello, I have been meaning to write you a note for quite sometime now. There’s a lot to talk about quite a few of your films since I spoke to you of the merits of your white shirt. However, in this instance, I write to you with a song in my heart. Er, I can’t sing, I wish I could. Like Adele.  Since Skyfall or anything remotely like it, is not in my repertoire, I suppose It’s quite impossible that I will be singing on the soundtrack to your new film. Pity. I do adore Adele though. Now that she has famously sung this Bond song, it is unlikely she will sing another, but her voice would be perfect for your new endeavor. . Um, I should clarify the song in my heart, shouldn’t I? well, in general there are many songs in my heart, would you like to know what they are, no er, probably not – however,  it has grown louder, the song I mean, with the news that you are to be a spy for MI6. Um, well, not a real one of course, although I imagine you will spend quite some time researching this role.

There is always a part of me that wants you to take on some sort of role as a spy, not your typical James Bond, well, not that you couldn’t play him, you would be extremely dashing and suave.  I  just like this idea better, especially that it is a film based on a comic. The Marvel series is doing extremely well, in fact the new Superman film is fabulous. The role is quite the change, yet he is most like Christopher Reeve in my opinion. I will be seeing it myself.  I grew up with plethora of comics in my household and Superman was one I grew up reading. Having said that, of course, the young gentleman playing Clark Kent would have something to do with it. He is after all very, er, appealing interesting. I have watched him play Charles Brandon on the Tudors and seen him in the Immortals, he is your countryman after all and therefore has the ability to play diverse characters brilliantly. He certainly seems down to-earth and lovely. Sort of reminds me of you, do you know him? Got a bit carried away there, back to your role as a spy – I like the idea that you will play an older,( well, you aren’t that old) wiser spy, the head of a school, recruiting and training young minds, one in particular, your nephew – who is playing that role, may I ask?  Exciting news this, really. Since you are politically inclined and express the occasional view regarding matters of parliament, also, given your role in Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Spy, you certainly don’t lack the experience. Besides, you are certainly convincing whatever you do. A perfect role then.

On to my next question, and it is an important one, many want to know how you feel about Matthew Rhys playing Darcy?  he appears to be celebrating the fact that he is not coming out of a pond in a wet, white shirt, rather he is to be taking on an older Darcy, wed six years to Elizabeth, settled in with young children. Have you read the book Death Comes to Pemberly by PD James, then? I find it remarkable that someone can  create a brilliant murder mystery whilst bringing together many of Austen’s beloved characters and be successful at it. I have not read the book but it is on my list of to-read. I think Matthew might be more than capable, I have just begun to watch him in ‘The Americans’ and previously on Brothers and Sisters. He is rather good at what he does. Although given that you made the role what it is today, bringing  Darcy( the one I, and I’m sure many others imagined him to be) to life, it will be interesting to see if Rhys does pull it off.

I suppose I should stop rambling. You must tire of slightly delusional people always giving you their opinions. Since I am not one of them, I will also take the time to say Livia and you looked fantastic as always on the red carpet at the Met Ball. She looks divine every time I see her and this dress was no exception. I am always reminded of how simplicity and elegance are all that is necessary to make one gorgeous. I highly admire her commitment to the GCC, always wearing up-cycled dresses and recruiting so many famous faces for  this important cause.

At Met Gala 2013 – photo courtesy

I shall say goodbye now, but, before I do, I might as well admit that I have not seen Arthur Newman. I always lament that many of your films – apart from the King’s Speech – do not make an appearance at my regular cinema and it pains me that they do this. Until next time then…


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  1. Jolly good letter, MM. I’m not sure about Matthew Rhys as Mr. Darcy. I like him in The Americans, but I don’t consider him to be handsome or sexy in the way Colin is. Plus, I can’t trust someone with no vowels in their last name. All in all, there’s only one Mr. Darcy and no one else who plays him comes close. I have the book Death Comes to Pemberly, but alas, who knows when I’ll get to it. Takes me forever! I am currently reading three books though, which I can only do if two are audio. And, speaking of audio books, how come no mention of Colin’s new audio book? Has there been a better voice?


    • Oh my gosh Monica, I knew there was something else I ought to have mentioned to Colin, and congratulate him on the award for the book too… Yet another reason to write to him again 😉 thank you for reminding me..
      I’m hoping Matthew Rhys will make Darcy somewhat better than Matthew McFayden( Kiera Knightly’s P& P) who knows though.
      I agree with you there, no other Darcy for me but Colin Firth. He will always be Darcy. I don’t think anyone should try to be him or make him better. I am hoping Matthew Rhys will play a different version and not try to do a Colin Firth or be him and smoulder:-) he has to attempt his own version and I hope he pulls it off.


  2. Oh my darling, firstly humble apologies that I am late in replying – I have slowed down somewhat during the week on the read reply caper. I do love your letter to Colin, perhaps you should tweeter it to him? I sure he would be thrilled to see how much you follow (stalk) .. him your admiration and devotion to this man is second to none and he must get to know this!!! I have visions of you singing like Adele now in my head – hope you are well gorgeous – great read 🙂 xxx


    • Hello my darling, no, do not worry about replying late. I do understand how it is. I am touched that you found some time to reply my mad as a hatter post. You know I love doing this tongue in cheek stuff about Colin Firth. I mean he is lovely, is he not? haaaa haaa, noooo, no singing like Adele for me.. I love her. I am somewhat relaxed but will write all about the goings on in my life in an email to you.
      hugging you


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